I had been using Nomad, the back pack from Bailey Works for a few years but I started to use Fairweather’s Packable Pack just to change.

The outer mesh pocket is added from this time and it’s my favorite. (My Bailey got some dust…)These outer mesh pockets are almost like a standard for UL mountain back packs and I’m really into how convenience they are. Frankly, if there is even a tiny thing I don’t like on a new bag I go back to the previous bag but it’s been a few month since I have been using this one.

I didn’t expect that the reflective rain cover in the mesh pocket can reflect the car light well behind me. Since my previous bag could load a lot more, I often struggle where to put my grocery but I put the U-lock in my jeans pocket and put leek or celery in the pocket instead. When I try to find a way to load more stuff in the small bag I feel like “oh, this is how UL is?”.

I like most of the features of the bag but the bungee cord of the main compartment doesn’t close as tight as I want sometimes. What the heck! So I swapped it to a random around 2mm diameter non-elastic lace and it got much comfortable. If you would like to close the bag quite tight, please try it.

By the way, I just happened to choose the white lace but I don’t recommend it because it gets dirty so easily!