I got the Nice Rack Rear on my Cross Check I built at Blue Lug when I was still a pure customer.

It’s a tough rack. Not only it adds a great amount of load capacity to your bike, did you know that it can be paired with child seats!

It’s been superb for my everyday ride.

You might be finding it hard to carry 12 toilet rolls on bikes. Why not tie it on this rack, using a Flat Bungee??

Attached a pannier, then becomes a great shopping bike! (This pannier itself will be released soon, a bit of a wait please!)

Can be a picnic bike!? Well, I just strapped a cooler bag onto the previous setup haha.

Skateboarding, been practicing these days. It’s too heavy to carry on your back, too scary to strap it flat on a front rack.

Oh no problem. With the combination of FAREDALE Skateboard Rack, it’s in safe hands!

I even carried firewood for a day camp.

Not gonna lie, riding this on a steep hill was such a pain in the ass.


From everyday use to trip rides, it serves you in many different situations. A Nice Rack for sure!

Why not consider attaching it on yours?