Recently, I have focused a bit more on security since my colleague’s bikes stole.

I just bought *BL SELECT* ottolock hexband cinch lock.

A flat wire lock.

I use an U-lock, but I have looked for a lighter and smaller lock.

Size comparison U-lock and Otto.

It can be taken in a jacket pocket.

I put my U-lock in hip pocket and the pants are slipping down a lot of times, so I am satisfied with taking in a jacket pocket.

I compared the weights.

Much lighter than a U-lock.

Most important feature is the strength. I don’t know exactly, but I think U-lock is stronger than Otto. The hex band means six-ply stainless steel plates.

My favorite part is the dial lock system. I carry lots of keys and don’t want any more keys.

It can lock 2 bikes at the same time! Pretend that you’re a gentleman.


It costs a bit high but balanced the weight and strength.

I think that it is really user-friendly. It’s natural because made by road racers!

For me, “Made in USA” is one of my favorite.