I captured the light of two dynamo lights.

One is 50 lux and the other is 60 lux.

Which is which?

The answer is left is 50 lux and right is 60 lux.

50 lux one looks brighter. Why?

The foreground is 60 lux lumotec IQ cyo senso plus on my platypus. Both body and lux must be bigger.

The background is 50lux lumotec IQ2 eyc T senso plus on my wife’s neutrino.

We talked about it “It’s small and cute, so it’s ok if it’s slightly darker.” but fortunately it’s really bright!

Why this happens?

It’s difference busch+muller’s technology, “IQ” and “IQ2”.

IQ is smart light distribution.


IQ2 has better that technology than IQ. I was surprised by the difference between them, so I took a picture of .

I like IQ for its podgy shape.

Also, busch+muller offers “IQ-PREMIUM”. It uses different material than IQs and way brighter.