5 days until Swift Campout.

This will be the first time we will be attending the event in two years. With the last two years being too hectic and now that things are calming down, we thought we deserve to go out and have some fun. A total of 21 crew members will be heading out to camp!

We will split up in two teams. One of the team will be going to Ōshima Island, a volcanic island located 100km away from Tokyo.

The Oshima team will start off their journey by riding to Takeshiba Ferry Terminal

Then, they’ll take their bikes and themselves on the ferry and cruise to Oshima Island. Then the fun begins.

The Oshima team members consists of 13 people…

Name : Max (bag designer)
Bike : Rivendell – Joe Appaloosa

Name : Timo (Distribution Team Leader)
Bike : Rivendell – Cheviot

Name : Jugg (Bag Designer)
Bike : Velo Orange – Polyvalent

Name : Santa Fe (Mechanic @ BL Hatagaya)
Bike : Crust Bikes – Romanceur Canti (Freshly built!)

Name : Kaisei (New Staff Member)
Bike : All-City Cycles – Space Horse Disc

Name  : Sub (YouTube)
Bike : Crust Bikes : Romaceur Disc (Freshly built!)

Name  : Tani (Store Manager – BL Kamiuma)
Bike :Black Mountain Cycles – La Cabra (Freshly Built!)

Name : Konno (Cook Paint Works Painter)
Bike : Ocean Air Cycles – Rambler (Repainted!)

Name : Issue (Mechanic @ BL Kamiuma)
Bike : Black Mountain Cycles – Monster Cross (Freshly Built!)

Name : Matsu (Store Manager – BL Yoyogi Park)
Bike : Black Mountain Cycles – La Cabra

Name : Tommy (Mechanic @ BL Yoyogi Park)
Bike : MASH – Steel

12 and 13.
Name : Nagaoka-San & Nigo (From Hub the barber)
Bike : All-City Space Horse & Super Professional

Now, let’s look take a look at the other team.

The second tea will be heading towards “Suigen No Mori Forest”, a camping facility located in the Yamanashi prefecture. The facility has the famous sauna tent, which will be a big “treat” for the members after a long ride.

Here are the members…

Name : Tadashi (Distribution Team)
Bike : Crust Bikes – Evasion

Name : Natsumi (Japanse Online Store Staff)
Bike : Rivendell – A. Homer Hilsen (With the new drop bar set up!)

Name : Wentz (Mechanic @ BL Kamiuma)
Bike : Surly – Cross x Check (Freshly Built!)

Name : Ikura (photographer)
Bike : Surly – Straggler (Freshly Built!)

Name : Clint (Mechanic @ BL Yoyogi)
Bike Velo Orange – Pass Hunter

Name : Kaneyan (Mechanic @ BL Hatagaya)
Bike : Surly – Midnight Special (Freshly Built!)

Name : Shin a.k.a Colonel (International Online Store Staff)
Bike : Crust Bikes – Evasion (Freshly Built!)

Name : Aro (Photographer)
Bike : Surly – Pack Rat

…There you have it. 21 Blue Lug boys n girls will be escaping the city to have fun in this beautiful event. I have linked their IG profile in each of the members name so watch out for their stories on the big day!

Normally in this time of the year, it’s always gloomy and pouring with rain, but for some miraculous reason, the sky is looking clear like a crystal for both 25th and 26th.  Things are looking really good so far and I can’t explain how stoked for this trip.

Of course, we’ll have the store opened. During the event the boys above will be working as usual at the Hatagaya store. The other two stores will be closed.

The same applies to the online orders, we’ll be shipping all the orders on our normal schedule so don’t you worry. My new buddy, Takashi a.k.a. “Miggy” a.k.a. “The Miggs” will be taking over the shipping. I will introduce him to my loyal blog readers soon.

Anyhow, I hope you guys out there will be having the best two days. Ride safe and enjoy!!