Last Sunday, Duncan and I went to the Sakaigawa velodrome for the Tracklocross Nationals Japan Division 1st round. Tracklocross is a track bike race on dirt. It is taking place in 6 cities (New York, Portland, Los Angeles, DC, Bay Area, Minneapolis and Tokyo). It is literally a track bike cyclocross.
Tracklocross (and Track-Cross) is getting bigger mainly in the U.S. Like Chas from MASH, many messengers raced in this year already.

I brought my Cinelli MASH SSCX with a drop handlebar. I rode this in the Maebashi CX with a flat handlebar, and the flat bar caused of back pain, so I changed the handlebar this time.

Duncan rode the Cinelli MASH WORK. Very solid. He’s been racing in the Cyclocross Category 2.

It was exciting that the Squid Bikes crew came and joined the event. They brought a special custom bike made for NAHBS. Gold Paul Components and White Industries look fancy! Are the rims Velocity Aileron?

The handlebar is the For Shred Bar!

The hand paint is very cute.

Speaking of the race, Duncan won the main race! He also won the track standing contest, and stood on the podium of the fixed and geared mixed race. I didn’t do well for the race, but won the foot down.
The event has a great atmosphere. Everybody competed, yet they were not too serious. We had a great time.

So many cool bikes!


We proudly distribute these frames. 

The Tracklocross second round is in Bikelore Hakushu! Why don’t you race with us? It will be very fun!

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