Actually I have my Nintendo Switch but it’s not here since I lent it to my brother’s girlfriend. I lent it because I couldn’t like it back then and I did “You can have it forever for rental” so I feel awkward to ask “can you give it back to me?” while now there are few titles I would like to play such as “Mario Wonder”, remake of “Mario RPG” and “Dragon Quest Monsters 3”. Maybe I’ll need it again only if I can keep the time to play…


Let’s go to the topic. It’s about a demo bike I built the other day.*SURLY* preamble (S)*SURLY* Preamble (S)

SURLY’s Preamble is their new model released this year. Blue Lug has built it quite a few so far and most of them are XS size for short women because it’s not easy to find the right size bike for them.

Although, today I’d like you to know that the bike is not only for women because there are multiple size since it’s a SURLY bike.The demo bike I built is S size recommended for 163 – 173cm height (Japanese men’s average) riders. (XS for 152 – 165cm by the way). As the picture above shows, the S size fits great for Duncan-san(172cm). *SURLY* preamble (S)

“What kind of bike is Preamble?” you might ask. In my opinion, its long head tube is the point of the frame. Long head tube can make handle position higher therefore can make the bike a good commuter. Another advantage of long head tube is that you don’t need to put so many column spacer to make the handle higher and simply it makes the frame look good (IMO).  *SURLY* preamble (S)

*SURLY* preamble (S) Let’s install Philwood’s headset because Preamble will be your long-time buddy since the frame is sturdy as other SURLY frames. If you are thinking of building a Preamble, I would recommend you try using anodized parts matches great with the white frame color. I installed the cool looking Sim Works get around bar since there has been quite a few of cute-build Preamble (IMO). I like the combination of Ritchey’s grips, Dia-compe’s brake levers and Shimano’s shift levers.*SURLY* preamble (S)

*SURLY* preamble (S)

There are enough eyelets to install racks and carriers on the frame and fork of course and a basket for this one. If there is a basket bag such as SWIFT INDUSTRIES sugar loaf in the basket, it gives a style to the bike.*SURLY* preamble (S)

*SURLY* preamble (S) The tires are 42b for this time while maximum clearance is 47b. WTB resolute 650B tire is a great one with decent height knobs and block pattern to maximize smoothness on pavement and prevent mud-stuck on dirt.

We, boys always like dirt road-ish style no matter if they really ride off-roads, don’t we?
*SURLY* preamble (S)

*SURLY* preamble (S) ↑ This is one of the products “we haven’t introduced yet because there so many stocked”. We only have a few because it was the first lot we ordered so please ask us if you are interested in. We have their fork as well.*SURLY* preamble (S)

I built the bike with 11-speed GRX because I supposed this bike as not only a commuter but also an adventurer since the frame can be ridden from daily commuting to camp ride and touring. *SURLY* preamble (S) I think Preamble could satisfy even bike geeks like you with its versatility while people think the frame is for beginners because of the reasonable price among the SURLY bikes. Actually the frame attracts me to build it with drop handle bars with fenders.

From beginners to veterans, short to tall like the discontinued CROSS CHECK. I want Preamble to be the next versatile frame for everyone and that’s why I wrote this blog.

Of course we have other sizes of Preamble apart from XS so feel free to inquire us please.

— Chit Chat —

The sound track of “Mario RPG” is super good because it’s composed by Yoko Shimomura, the legend of video game music. “Beware The Forest’s Mushrooms” should be famous but my favorite is “Welcome To Bukki Tower”. I want you to have a listen to the song!