Hello it’s Karikari from Yoyogi Park store.

It’s already December, time flies!

Speaking of time flies, it’s been a year since I joined Blue Lug. Frankly speaking, it was a hectic one haha. I feel like it was just a moment to pass a year but at the same time I met a lot of people, went to variety of places, built so many bikes and it was simply  a fruitful year.

I thank our customers, my boss, managers and the young colleagues like myself. Thank you very much!!

…wait, isn’t it like a greeting from someone going to quit? I won’t quit though!! Please expect me to make my second year great!


Ok, let’s go to today’s topic.

Frankly speaking, do you usually use bike bags? Well there are so many types of bike bags like handle bar bag, stem bag, saddle bag, frame bag etc…

Let me talk about frame bags today.

Personally, I use FAIRWEATHER’s custom full frame bag made by Jagg-san on my EVASION LiteOMM BIKE 2023 22-23 July. (I don’t get bored to see this cool picture…)

I use Fabio’s chest from Ron’s bike as well but the frame bag is way more useful for daily use. Compared to handle bars, frame bags are so much easier to access inside the bag. As I reflect my daily life, frame bags are most used to put essentials like gloves this season, keys and snacks from convenience store.

It’s even easy to access inside while pedaling, for example when I feel like “Wait, my wallet/phone will fall from pocket of my pants” so it’s perfect to store things you need to take out/put in repeatedly.

That said, I had been concerned about one thing actually.

Well, it’s not even a concern to think about the convenience of the bag but it might be slightly too much to wear full-frame bag for serious gravel rides.


“I want to bring out the full performance of my Evasion Lite which is at best for serious rides.”

“So I want to minimize bags on it to make the bike lighter”

“But what would I do with my stuff for ride like emergency tubes or snacks without bags”

“Also I want to use my favorite bag…”

I narrated my heart inside.

And one day, MAX-san from our sewing team gave me the answer “Why don’t you use FAIRWEATHER’s frame bag, we made new colors recently” and I was like “Ah, that will be the best choice for me” and my heart inside cleared up all right, since it’s “Fairweather”! (did you like my joke?)

The new colors, purple, pink and leopard are so cool!!!

It’s great that they added the vivid colors while general Fairweather’s colors are subtle. It gives your bike a character and they will fit to pop-color scheme CRUST and Surly bikes naturally. Even if you would think that “Aren’t they too flashy?”, don’t worry, they will look even better on bikes.

The pink looks like this on my Evasion Lite by the way. The bag itself is quite flashy but it harmonizes on the actual bike, doesn’t it?

It’s not the Fairweather bag but on this video Kaneko-san uses vivid orange Fabio’s chest and it looks so cool… If you haven’t watched it, you should!

Another thing I would like to say is that the vivid colored bags definitely look great with some mud splashes.

The bags are made from CODURA nylon and this is the best in the end. I like how they fade as I use them long time.




Crust Bikes(@crustbikes)がシェアした投稿

That’s what I’m talking about, so cool!!

(Speaking of CORDURA nylon, their 15th anniversary bags were cool too…)

CORDURA nylon has been more than 50 years by INVISTA since 1967. The fabric is world’s first synthetic fiber and it’s been used in a lot of scenes up to now. Blue Lug loves CORDURA nylon and personally I like the human touch of the fabric.


The new colors are available not only on frame bags but also…

Corner bag which you can make a full-size combined bag with using frame bag,

Frame bag half, the in-between sized bag of frame bag and corner bag (as you can tell from the name)!




This doesn’t look like daily use though, I admire riding in nature somewhere abroad with full-packing style like this!

I hope you will find the right bag for you to make your ride more comfortable.



Let’s enjoy rest of the year with riding bike everyday!! Let me introduce you my favorite winter song to close this post.



Thank you for reading through by Karikari