February 10th is NITTO DAY.

We made that day for celebrate NITTO.

In Japanese, we pronaunce 2 (two) is NI. And 10 (ten) is TOU. NI-TOU… NITTO.

This year, we offered them to anodized our favorite handle bar and small parts.

-For shred bar (31.8/750mm and 25.4/650mm)

-Bar end cap.


-Straight struts.

Ordering starts at 8pm, FEB 10th 2020 (JAPAN TIME)
This is very limited items, so the maximum order for 2 at a order.

Anodized handle is really niche, but we proudly recommend it!!

They/NITTO spend much time to make this bright Turquoise color for us. Much appreciate it!!!!

And one more announcement.

We invite NITTO CEO Mr. YOSHIKAWA and talk about their history and side stories in BLUELUG YOYOGI-PARK store.
If you are in TOKYO and love bicycle, see you out there!!!!

DATE: FEB 11th (TUE / national holiday) start at 11am

Also we keep enjoying #mynitto all over the world.
If you use NITTO bike components, please join #mynitto