In one of the monthly meetings, we were talking about how sick the “Chapter” video series from Crust is.

We love these videos because they show case what Crust is as a brand without any words.

We were wondering if there will ever be a chapter 5.
I completely forgot who said this, but someone said “Let’s just make a chapter 5 for them!”.
This conversation went down in the beginning of this year. After two months of searching for a good trail, we finally found a good spot and it was on. We got out of Tokyo and spent 3 days in the mountains filming non-stop.

And here’s what the video looks like.
I was invited as one of the riders for the video. I had a lot of fun (almost too much fun) filming for this.
And I gotta say, Sub killed it again with the editing.

It was such a fun trip, so I wanted to make a behind the scenes/photo gallery type post.

Kaneyan with his freshly built Scapegoat.

Cent with his shreddy Wombat.

I (Shin) with my lovely Evasion.

We obviously didn’t show much in the video, but there was A TON of climbing.

Cent can seriously shred. I knew how good he is on a bike, since he’s been BMXing from a young age, but man this guy is gnarly.

Kaneyan with is lance.

Love his orange Fab’s Chest.

Here’s him going brrrrr with Sub’s drone.
Speaking of drones, here are some of the drone shots.

And here are some of my favorite shots.

These are all screen captures from the raw footage. I love how the angles are like skate videos.

This is how Sub was getting those angles. I think he could be a real good skate filmer.

Kaneyan stepped in too as an additional filmer.

Some more iPhone shots…

We were communicating with Sub through this walky talkies when we were in the distance.

Sub the drone operator.

Here’s my favorite tree we found in the trail. It looks like a “V” so it’s called the Victory Tree.

And so, there it was. I hope you find this somewhat entertaining.

We love you Crust!