I shaved my head recently.

Every single person I met were surprised.

It’s already grown out and it’s not as short as it was at the time when Wentz took this picture.

My bad.

No matter how many times I try to fix the pic, it keeps going sideways, so I just let it go as it is.

But I really like this photo.


Nigo from Hub had my head shaved.

He said , “I think it’s gonna be cool if I shaved another 0.5mm or so” with sparkling eyes, but it’s been a year, so I just leave it.

It makes my shower time shorter (I shampoo properly!), my hair gets dried while I brush my teeth, and I look fresh when I put a hat on. Everything is great with a shaved head.

I’m gonna try it again in the next year.


Santa from Blue Lug Kamiuma here.

There’re so many builds of Surly with custom paint, but recently I had opportunities to build them in the original colors and felt like it’s still nice, so let me do bike-check.



*SURLY* straggler (58)

Clean build with nothing unnecessary.

The owner is tall, and straggling to find just right size for a while, but luckily a large size of Straggler came back in stock and he immediately decided without hesitation.

By the way, the wheel size of Straggler is 700C for 54 size and larger.

There’s always just a few re-stock of larger and shorter size, so if you find it, we highly recommend you to get a frame first.

*SURLY* straggler (58)

As we always say, The Straggler is compatible with both of single-speed and multi-speeds.

We recommend it for someone who wants to enjoy both of them and also the other who wants a single-speed bike, but feel a track bike is a little too much.

*SURLY* straggler (58)

Basically, this bike is built as a commuter and the owner would like tires which are not too wide and also not too thin, so I put my favorite,

‘ULTRADYNAMICO cava JFF race 39C’.

A little thinner than 39C when it’s new, but gradually it will get to 39C.

The tires grow in the battle.

They’re really good.

*SURLY* straggler (58)

CHRIS KING for the headset.

It’s pricy, but it stays in a good condition for a really really long time if you take care of it sometimes.

*SURLY* straggler (58)

Due to its size, looks simple, but powerful at the same time.


Next one is CrossCheck.

CrossCheck Single Speed (52)

*SURLY* cross check(52)

This bike is also in original black color.

CrossCheck with single-speed setup.

This bike has also simple appearance, but with strong components.

*SURLY* cross check(52)
*SURLY* cross check(52)

Dynamo light for easier urban riding.

The hub is from SON NABENDYNAMO.

Amazingly durable and super smooth like you barely feel the typical resistance of dynamo hubs.

*SURLY* cross check(52)
*SURLY* cross check(52)

The owner thinks parts should last for long and takes PHILWOOD Road hub.

Firstly, just enjoy it with single-speed and re-build it as multi-speeds later.

PHILWOOD hubs are not only just robust, more like “How can it be broken?”.

You can turn it into both of 130/135mm compatible just by putting different caps on it, so you’re able to use it for another bike.

*SURLY* cross check(52)
*SURLY* cross check(52)

Headset is also from PHILWOOD.

As always like PHILWOOD, this is a masterpiece with no logo on it and just for durability.

It’s highly recommended if you have a plan to ride in tough conditions and your first priority is the durability.

And of course you’ll never regret it, so it’s great for your everyday bikes as well.

*SURLY* cross check(52)

For comfy riding position, handlebar is one of the masterpiece of NITTO, B352 Albatross bar.

This is my go-to handlebar for the build including my own bikes.

*SURLY* cross check(52)

Looking simple with toughest components.

By using durable parts, you can spend a better bike life.

I hope it will be your buddy for long time!


This is all about 2 bikes in the original colors.