Did you guys enjoy the N-1 Grand Prix video we posted on Nitto Day (Feb 10th)?

What a plot twist right? It was a very fun video to edit in the subtitles. I want ya’ll to go watch the video so, I’m not gonna spoil anything. I will say that none of the global participants were able to guess the winner of the game…But hey, don’t be so shamed! We’ll do something more fun next year again! Let’s keep our heads up global team!

Seriously though, I would like to thank every single one of you, who commented on the video!
As a Blue Lug Global staff, I want you guys out there to join in these kinds of events, since we’ve been leaving you guys out of these fun things we do every year for the longest time. Now that we can’t even travel around the world easily, I feel like you are someone who is very very far away. I hardly even got to meet visitors from other countries, since I joined the BL crew mid COVID.

Working in the BL Global Team for a year and a half, I feel like it is my responsibility to get you guys more involved in our silly and fun little events we do on the internet.

We’ll just have to wait for ya’ll to join the physical events, but when everything settles down, We’ll be traveling all over the world and we will welcome you with a big ol’ smile.

Okay, that’s enough for sharing my thoughts for now. Why did I post this blog…?

I am posting this blog to let you know that you still have a chance to get the
Nitto Sweat Pants, which we made to give out to the winners of the N-1 Grand Prix Guessing Game. (I need to come up with a cooler name for this)

We made more than five of these, just in case if anything happens.

Nothing really happened, so we just thought, “Why not upload these sweat pants on the webstore?”

And that’s exactly what we are going to do.
We are only going to sell these online. There are not a lot of stocks, but we wanted to give as many chances to our customers far away, so we decided not to sell these pants in stores.

Release date : 
February 13th (Sunday)
7:00 p.m. (Japan Standard Time)

We also have a few extra stocks for the Nitto Hoodies back, so we will be selling them along with the pants.

I’m hoping that people who missed out on the last release of the Nitto Hoodies can finally grab one!!

The new big event is over, but the Nitto Day Event is still not over! The annual #mynitto photo contest is still going until the 20th of February.

Post your favorite Nitto product on Instagram and tag #mynitto .
We will pick out a few winners and give away some gifts, to show appreciation for supporting the best bike company in the world based in Japan!!

Here’s #mynitto for 2022.
I currently have the Riv x Nitto Wavie bars with the classic Nitto Technomic 225 stem.
I also have to point out my front rack set up. The front racks are Nitto x Rivendell 52F Basket Rack, a.k.a. the best front rack, suitable for both 137 and 139 Wald baskets. I currently have the Rack Bag from ILE attached to the rack. Great bag by the way, I’m loving every single bit of this set up.

I see that you guy out in the world are already posting #mynitto posts already! Keep it up! Go team global!!

The photo contest will last until the 20th of February.

Go out and ride! Show love to Nitto!
We’d love to see some beautiful scenery with awesome Nitto parts on your gorgeous bikes!

Have fun ya’ll