Happy new year! We closed the shop for the new year holidays until January 3rd and open for regular hours from the 4th. We have been doing the new year’s first sale in the all Blue Lug stores. Almost all products are 10% off! This is actually an annual event.

We also made these annual lucky bags. You don’t know what’s inside but it should be a great deal. (Sorry it’s sold out now.)

We are very excited that many customers came for shopping! At the end of the first day, we were burned out, though.

Some frames are 20% off or even more??? This is the super bargain!

You may don’t want to miss this time if you want to try some of the best imported parts such as Phil Wood or Schmidt hub!

Same as frames and parts, complete bikes in the store are cheaper than normal prices! Those sales end January 14th and only in the Blue Lug stores. (Sorry not for our online stores.) If you are in Japan, you should come by and check it out!