Around summer, we released a new bag, the “Multi Bike Bag” from Fairweather, our original bike goods brand.
They were originally designed for folding bikes, since the bag can be attached on bikes without any racks.

But a lot of people started to put them on normal bikes as well. We loved that idea so we went ahead and made more color variations!

Ya’ll love olive green and coyote right?

There are no changes to the material. The surface is made of Cordura 1000 nylon. The very strong and durable nylon fabric, while water repellent film laminated ripstop nylon is lined inside.

They can sure be a great accent on subtle colored frames, and even matching with colors of the frame or certain components/bike accessories.
Looking good in the dirt too! Like Cent in the picture above. Look how happy he is!

The capacity is around 8.5 – 12L
Which sounds good for weekend tours and bike camps.

There’s pockets on both sides. Putting stuff that you want to access quickly, like phones, water bottles or bike locks are ideal for these pockets.
The pockets also have draining holes, so rain is nothing to fear.

Now let’s take a look at the front pocket.
They have plenty space, and a flap to cover up stuff that you don’t want to get wet like wallets.

It’s also a perfect space to fit the Rain Ponchos and Bike Carry bags.

To install them on handle bars, strap the velcro belts that are on the backside of the bag to the handlebars,
and fix them on to the rack with the shock cords on the bottom of the bag.

You will also get a shoulder strap with this easy to install bike bag.
2-way stuff are always great to have isn’t it?

If you have a hook set, you can convert it to a pannier bag as well.

They are a bit tiny compared to other pannier bags, but they make so much sense on daily use.
Like the product name, we hope you can enjoy this multi purpose bags for all sorts of bikes in all sorts of situations!

We also made an instruction video of the Multi Bike Bag, so go watch that if you are confused.

Hope you like it!