As we got a lot of requests over a year, we finally made the Fairweather Stem Bags!

We created the simplest stem bag like what we want. We stripped down unnecessary things and it only has the minimal function.
Most importantly, this size is great for any riding situations. It can hold everything like a water bottle, energy bar, and point-and-shoot camera.

It is easy to attach on your bike with 3 velcro straps. The loops on velcro straps are swivable, so you can easily find the best position.

The bag is designed for dealing with one hand. The drawcord closure is easy one-handed access.
It is basically 2 layers. The inner protective layer is separated from the outer waxed canvas, which improves versatility and water resistance. There is a drainage hole on the bottom so that any water that might get into the stem bag will immediately drain out the bottom.

It can hold a beverage like the iced coffee.

The drawcord lock system is very reliable so that it’s nice to put electrical appliances such as iPhone or mobile charger.

It can be attached on the Wald basket if you like. Just pull the velcro straps tightly and attach them. It should very stable.

Please check them out! The Fairweather stem bag will be your best friend!