March is already half way done. It’s getting warmer and warmer each day.
You know what that means right? Spring is coming.
Which means the perfect time for cyclists is almost here. Which also means that we are now entering the most busy season of the year.
Boy oh boy, we are feeling that coming already! Thank you so much for all your support! It is really awesome to see ya’ll are getting new stuff for your bikes and enjoying going out and riding!

We recently got some stuff that would spice up your lovely bikes!

New things and some restocks from Camp And Go Slow are now here.

We started carrying this brand around last summer.
Despite the brand name, everything sold out super fast. Especially, the iconic Rattler Bar Tapes.

To be honest, we have never seen bar tapes this popular! Looks like their already running out fast so you better not miss them this time!

Fun fact, Jarrod Bunk, one of the owners of Camp And Go Slow also runs a bike shop called “Hope Cyclery”.
And guess what? They have recently started to carry Blue Lug goodies in their shop.



Jarrod Bunk(@hopecyclery)がシェアした投稿

If some of you happen to live near by, please go and Say Hi to Jarrod for us!





A lot of our staffs are also fans of Camp And Go Slow. We recently saw this post from them, and we are so hyped for this project come to life…

Okay, now let’s get back on track.
Let’s take a look at what we got besides the bar tapes.

Rattler Pocket T-shirt 


Spoken Here T-shirt

Our man Digital, bought both shirts in the day when the products arrived. And look how happy looks!

Spoken Here Patches

Looking good on Daichi’s apron.

Spoken Here Sticker Pack
Two stickers included. a large sticker and a small sticker.

The small sticker is a perfect size for bike frames.

And use the large sticker like this. No, it’s not like I didn’t have any ideas. It looks cool though doesn’t it!?

Once again, we’d like to thank Jarrod and Casey for letting us carry such a rad brand!!
You can buy the stuff at their online store and at Blue Lug International was well!