Hello, I’m Cent from Yoyogi-park store.

We participated GRINDURO in Hakuba, Nagano prefecture on the long weekend last week! (our result was… well as we expected haha)

Apart from the result, the set up I did for my bike worked great! So let me write about it today.

Grinduro 2023The terrains in Hakuba was various such as paved, gravel and muddy trails. (Please allow me that I’m wearing the BERN helmet and Vans shoes as BMX style haha)

The bike I chose this time was of course the BOMBORA, my buddy! The most reliable bike when the ride is speedy and aggressive.

Each one of the Crust bikes have got quite distinctive characters so sometimes the bike choose riders. Although, while Bombora has got some unique features, it rides obedient and has got comfort of chromoly frame. I would like to emphasize these features once again.

*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE (S)*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE (S)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE (S)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE (S)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE (S) All of us chose ULTRA DYNAMICO  tyres this time. My bike has got ROSE 700x42mm for front and CAVA 700x42mm for rear. To be honest it needed thicker tyres at some situations of the race though overall this combination was the best in my opinion.

By the way, Bombora can fit not only 650B but also 700c up to around 48mm actually (!) (This is one of the unique features)

The Hakuba GRINDURO had the hard downhill part so even 650×2.3″ could work well for someone who has got tough legs. It was that hard actually.

*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE (S)GRX 11-speed drive train and 38T front-ring. This was no problem.

*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE (S)

*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE (S) I swapped the handle bars to *ENVE* ALL ROAD BAR which I installed the night before the ride to encourage myself haha.

The dropped part of the handle bars have got an amazing touch as well as the unique shape of carbon bars is great.

*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE (S) BOMBORA has a good ride-reaction because of the short triangle on rear and the quenched chromoly pipes. It’s ideal to use carbon handles and wheels for this kind of frame.

Grinduro 2023 When the ride is hard, I tend to blame the equipments but not myself, though this time was totally because of me since I rode my buddy BOMBORA haha.

How about this reliable bike for your partner? (restock soon with new color perhaps?)

Finally, let me show you the cool photo taken by Sub-chan. (Hakuba was covered in snow already)

Grinduro 2023See you next time!