We have 3 Blue Lug stores in Tokyo, Blue Lug Hatagaya, Blue Lug Kamiuma and Blue Lug Yoyogi park. Among them, Blue Lug Yoyogi park is probably the easiest access for foreign visitors.

The store is located in Oku-Shibuya (meaning inner Shibuya). It’s just 10 minutes away from Shibuya station but this up-coming neighborhood has a local atmosphere, and it’s a much lower density of selfie sticks.

Because of the location and the manager of Blue Lug Yoyogi park, Matsumoto-san’s taste, the store has a lot of youth culture flavors.

The store carries a lot of fixed gear bikes like Affinity and MASH SF.
Mon-chan, a mechanic staff is holding Affinity Kissena. They also have Surly and All-city bikes.

You can find many kinds of Nitto handlebars and stems.

We are the only one MASH SF official retailer in Asia, and just re-stocked some goodies from Deluxe Cycles.

Try to find a good bike set-up? Juss is a great guy and another mechanic there.

Matsuo-san is coming back from a test ride.

Ride was smooth so he is reinstalling the chainguard.

Great people create a great shop. Come to visit us when you are around Shibuya!