*Do you know Onigiri?*
Onigiri is a common Japanese food made of triangular-shaped balls of rice. Most are wrapped in seaweed and filled with various items such as salted salmon or pickled plums inside.

They are a convenient portable food that you don’t need chopsticks or tableware to eat. For this reason, it is a common item in lunch boxes (Japanese Bento). Like sandwiches or Chinese steamed bun, Onigiri is a common lunch meal in Japan.

*Onigiri Reflector?* Geniously delicious!
Since most bicycle reflectors are triangular like Onigiri, we figured it was only natural to make Onigiri reflectors. Just as good Onigiri is prepared by hand, these reflectors are handmade at Blue Lug Hatagaya!

Made of high-quality reflective materials. Even though it is a Kawaii size, it is highly visible.

These reflectors are made by Blue Lug’s newest member, Anne. She joined our team as a seamstress and made each reflector one by one.

These are very limited, and only sold on our International website! First come, first serve!

Bon Appetit and ITADAKIMASU 🙂