Yesterday Yvee (@yveelution) from Cycles Galleria (@cyclesgalleria) visited our shop with her cool MASH Steel. She came from Melbourne and now is on holiday in Japan. She works at the bike shop while studying about building design at Univerity. Also, she organizes woman’s track race training session, called Melburn Hurt once a week. Her focus is to build an inclusive community of female track cyclists.

Look at her tattoo! On her left thigh, the tattoo is a character from Ghost in the Shell. Obviously, he loves Japanese anime.

Her socks were tight too! 特別なもの means “the special thing” in Japanese. How did she find it?

We had lunch at Lug Hatagaya which is very close to Blue Lug Hatagaya. For this weekend, she said she would go to see Keirin, the Japanese track cycling race at Keiokaku as we recommended.

We always welcome to overseas customers!  Say what’s up to us when you come to Tokyo! Let’s kick it!