Ginger and tomato.

Drench them in a salad dressing. Enjoy.

I don’t know if we’re already in rain season or not but I’m already feeling summer fatigue.

The tomato snack shown above is my go-to at the moment.

Hey guys! It’s me Chuyan.

I just wanted to write about some stuff we got restocked and some new stuff we got.


Hold Fast a.k.a. King of pedal straps are back in stock!

It’s been about maybe a year since we last had these. Sorry to keep you waiting!

Pedal straps were originally made for track bike riders, but in the recent years, people have been using them for touring as well.

A lot of other brands who made the same type of products as Hold Fast in the past has closed down, but Hold Fast is still holding it down, which goes to show how good their stuff are.

The black/red stitching, a new color-way is looking great.

Love the Rowan Vans Ming is wearing too.


And these little key chains are pretty cool.

They’re made of the same material as the pedal straps, so you know they are durable.

Change of topic.

Check this video out.

Rivendell and Brooks? You already know this is a sick collab!

BROOKS B68 is in stock!

Compared to the B17 standard model, the B68 is short nose and has a wider sitting surface.

The details on the saddle is quite nice. The loop is bigger so that putting whatever strap through is easier.

This model was apparently originally made in the beginning of the 1900.

I think I will buy the brown one for myself.

Speaking of Brooks,

These LIMITED EDITION CAMNBIUM SADDLES are also pretty nice. They are a limited color-way by Chris King.

Highly recommended. For all you Cambium lovers. This will be one of those products that you regret not getting.

Lastly, here are some shots from the Hatagaya store.

Happy Monday y’all!