My gosh it’s hot these days.

What do you do when it’s hot? Yes, ice cream.

This is my favorite ice cream at the moment. I eat tons of them in the summer time. I highly recommend trying when you ever visit Japan.

Not sure if it’s just me, or is the ice cream getting smaller each year…? Or am I getting bigger…?

Who knows.

Any who, did you check Kari’s blog?

Sam Hillborne 2024 (demo bike check)


The Country Bike, Sam Hillborne is now available in new colors.

If we were to divide Riv bikes into teams, the Homer and the Platypus would be in the same team as the Hillborne.

Great for commuting or riding on pavement but also capable of packing a few stuff and riding a chill trail.

The current generation of Hillborne can fit up to 650x48b for frame sizes 48-51 and 700x47c for frame size 54 and up (without fenders). I recommend 42c tires.

I happen to own the older Sam Hillborne.


Sam Hillborne (55)

*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (55)

Duncan was kind enough to give me this frame, about two years ago.

I collected most of the parts from my colleges, some old parts that they didn’t need anymore and I finally built it up.

Back when the Hillborne took caliper brakes, the frame sizes were a bit different. The one I have is a size 55, size 54 for the current version.

I mostly commute with this bike. I desperately need a front rack.

*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (55)*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (55)

I love this Space Age stem pouch.

*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (55)

I originally had the M’s bar(sorry out of stock), but swapped to the Albastache Bar because I wanted to be cool like Chuyan senpai.

*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (58)

↑This is Chuyan’s Sam Hillborne btw

Yes, I know. They look identical. I’m sorry Chuyan-san.

Hey! it’s an homage to him, not copying!

Kari has the Albastache on his Homer and the Sam he built as the demo bike also has the Albastache.

The Albastache is a handlebar as if you smashed a drop bar from the top. If you place your hands near the brake levers, your body will lean a bit forward.

If most of the bikes you ride has drop bars, this isn’t much of an issue, but if you want an upright position, I would not recommend these bars.

If you like leaning towards the handle bar, I recommend the Albastache.

*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (55)*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (55)

S!lver cranks. Of course.

38x24t, I think. I only use the outer chain ring almost half of the time, but it’s good to have two, just in case.

*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (55)

Ultra Dynamico cava 700 x 39c. Excellent tires. I will say it multiple times if I have to.

Love the cushiness and how well it rolls.

*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (55)*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (55)

Nitto* Rivendell big back rack 33r + Sackville Happisack saddle bag set up.


*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (55)

I don’t have a dynamo hub to hook this up at the moment, but I use this rear dynamo has a reflector now. I will eventually get a dynamo hub to make everything work.

*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (55)

I own a few other bikes, but I think this is the bike I mostly ride.

I can load stuff on to the bike, I can ride with any type of clothing and over all a fun bike. I love it the more I ride it.

Thank you for reading.