On February 11th 2023, our favorite bicycle handlebar manufacturer, Nitto has turned 100 years old. Running a business is insane.

On this special day, we invited Mr. Yoshikawa, the current president of Nitto to Blue Lug Yoyogi Park to have a talk.

Here’s all the questions we asked Mr. Yoshikawa.

・How does a company survive 100 years? and what is your special power that made the company last for a century?

・Where do all the new product ideas come from?

・What changed the most as a company throughout the years and what stayed the same?

・Were there a certain time that the company was in danger of closing down?

・Are there anything or someone who changes the history of Nitto? (ex. product, person, place, material, etc…)

・What can we expect from you for the next 100 years?

All the answers were very inspiring and touching. We had an amazing time listening to his talk.

Thank you all for visiting the live stream and leaving some heart warming comments in the chat, even though the stream was obviously in Japanese.

Here’s the archive of the live stream. I’m currently working on adding the English subtitles for the live stream archive and we’re making a special web page, that has all the Q&A’s put together and translated in English, so stay tuned for that!

Nitto made these memorial magazines on their 100th anniversary.They were originally going to be handed out to the people in the Japanese bicycle industry, but Nitto gave us 20 of them for us to give out to you who are reading this.

Here are some of sneak peaks.

Yes, it’s all in Japanese, but it was pretty interesting to just flip through the pictures (as I mostly do for magazines in general) and it’s one of those things you want to just have in your collection.

Every year around this time, we do a  #mynitto photo contest on IG and we thought this magazine would be a super sick prize for the contest!

The rules to the contest is simple. Go out and ride, take a nice photo involving anything from Nitto. It could be a shot of your bike with Nitto parts or it could be a shot of the Nitto product itself . Anything that has something to do with Nitto, fancy and catches our attention wins!

We will pick out 20 winners from all the posts with #mynitto that was made from Feb. 11th to Feb.19th.

Since, it’s the 100th anniversary of Nitto, it would also be nice to have #nitto100th in the posts too!

Looking forward to see your posts yo!