Mo @keirinberlin from a fixed gear bike shop in Berlin called Keirin Berlin finished his 11-country trip. From Berlin to Tokyo, the trip was 9500 kilometers long and he only rode a fixed gear bike with no brakes.

He stopped by Blue Lug Hatagaya and explained how amazing the trip was and about his upcoming photo show in Chiba prefecture. We’ve met him a long time ago, so we were very happy that he was healthy and still riding a bike a lot.

For his trip, we supported him with the Nitto For Shred Bar. The handlebar just got some scratched and no bent or anything. He literally proved the bar is super durable.

The Nitto For Shred Bar was designed by our good friend, NB-san and manufactured by Nitto. It is available in 2 handlebar clamp diameters, 25.4mm and 31.8mm, and 2 colors, silver and black. The 31.8mm one has 2 lengths, 750mm and 650mm. The shapes are all the same, 6-degree upsweep and 3-degree backsweep. We have all sizes in stock now.

Back to talking about Mo, he has been posting amazing film photos of his trip on his instagram. Check it out 🙂