Hi everybody, this is Kaisei from BLUE LUG HATAGAYA.

I’m gonna introduce my new bike to you guys.

It’s been about 5 months since I got MASH ALL ROAD.

At that time, I just started to feel how fun the fast-speed long ride is.

I’ve been feeling it with my CRUST BIKES BOMBORA CELOS, but Duncan and Daichi, the fastest guys from BLUE LUG HATAGAYA made me get interested in the bike that I can go much faster.


I feel emotional when I remember the numerous rides with two of them.





I can’t help feeling expectations and discomfort for the background of brand and frame itself.

I’ve been curious how I would feel if I ride the bike designed by the people who set up the track bike movement and have been always riding track bikes.

While I was wondering like that, Daichi has just finished building a test bike.

*MASH* all-road (M)

*MASH* all-road (M)

This is exactly my ideal bike.

And I tried it in the night of the day.

Its acceleration and sense of speed made me wanna paddle was something I’ve never experienced before.

The feeling is perfect that the test ride took longer than usual.

After the test ride, I made up my mind to build my bike with this frame.


*MASH* all-road (M)


“The All-Road is built on our aggressive road geometry, and made to rip the dirt cuts in between.”

From the Mash website.

The words make me interested more.

This is the frame that you can build it as a gravel bike or everyday bike, but I just wanted to try it as a pure road racer.

(The test bike is still at BLUE LUG HATAGAYA, so please feel free to try it!)


*MASH* all-road (L)

*MASH* all-road (L)

From now, I’m gonna do bike check with pics.

I chose L size, and I’m 181cm tall.

Color is the same as Tommy, I picked NAVY SMOKE.

I also chose this color after all.

I built it with black parts, but it also looks cool with silver parts like Tommy’s ALL ROAD.


*MASH* all-road (L)

And for wheels, I went VEIL6 from ASTRAL CYCLING.

Made of carbon fiber and deep rim.

I suppose it gives an impressions of a speedy bike.

In fact, deep rims are great for the flat.

This is because the airflow around the wheels are regulated for less drag, and it makes riding smoother.

I would like you to try it if you think like “Does it really change that much?”.

VEIL4 is 40mm, middle height wheels that are said it’s well balanced in the weight and aerodynamics.

If you would like to make your bikes just right for the flat and the straight, I do recommend VEIL6, the deeper one.


*MASH* all-road (L)


*MASH* all-road (L)

Of course, the handlebar is a drop bar.

I picked Carbon Road Bar (420mm) from ENVE COMPOSITES.

There are two different options, standard and compact, and I chose the compact one since it’s easier to grip.

I think you should make it sure by visiting our shops and have a look of them in person.

The handlebar is one of the longest selling products of ENVE.

It’s obvious that this is the definite product that a lot users have used and trusted.

It’s known not only as its light weight, but also its durability and strength.

And more, the stem and seatpost are also from ENVE COMPOSITES.


*MASH* all-road (L)

The groupset is SRAM Rival eTap AXS.

eTap means the wireless electric shifting.

The biggest reason why I picked this is that I just wanted to know the products I never tried before.

Not only the smooth initial speed, but also I feel its quick response when I shift on the uphill.

If you’re going to have a road bike from now on, I would like you to try it.

*MASH* all-road (L)

There is another point that I was concerned about.

And that is Disc Brake Adapter from PAUL COMPONENT.

These are not so many in our stock, but we have some at BLUE LUG HATAGAYA.

If you’re interested in it, please come and visit our shop.

God is in the details. I made my choice with this in mind.

It’s nothing short of romance that they make such a small part with color anodized aluminum.

I could realize the appeal of American factory brands again.

It might be so satisfying to install it as a small customization or as a secret obsession.






It’s also good to pay attention to the parts, but I think I should ride it first, so I’ve enjoyed it and already been to the Hinohara Metropolitan Forest, Miura peninsula, going round and round in the Tokyo.

I want to go far away in search of the landscapes that I’ve never been and seen at a fast speed.

Since I was in the mood of road bikes and built it like that.

But as I’ve already mentioned, ALL ROAD is great for a gravel bike and for an everyday bike with a rack as well, so I hope this would be one of your options.

I’m gonna enjoy it with this specification for now.

This is all about my new bike.

See you soon!


*MASH* all-road (L)


This is the picture from the day I went to Miura peninsula.

About 80km one way, it was the first time for me to ride that much a day.

I had a great memory of that I could go with customers who have been always taking care of us.

We ate tuna and paddled so hard, then I got exhausted on the way go home

Let’s make time and ride somewhere again.