Howdy! This is Jugg from the Blue Lug sewing team.

I wanted to write about some of the products I designed.

“Hip Messenger”

This is actually a 3-way bag. The bag includes a strap with a detachable buckle that you can switch which way you want to wear the bag when carrying on your shoulder. If you want to use is as a bar bag, simply take off the shoulder strap and hang it down the handlebar with a Voile strap or any kind of strap. (which are not included)

The U-lock holster is a cool detail which I’m pretty proud of.

Colonel uses the bag on his bike.

If I wanted to go to the park and read a book, I would take this bag with the following stuff.

Wet wipes
Bug spray

And attach an Onirgiri Sheet Large on the bag loop in case the benches are occupied.

“Phone Pouch”

This one is basically a messenger bag for your phones and other small stuff.

We just got new colors and restocked the existing colors.

These are originally designed for you to put them on the shoulder strap of  messenger bags but you can also attach these onto your belts, baskets and the cockpit of Brompton bikes.

Lastly, “Shoulder Pads”

These are also available in new colors. We used multiple colors for the stitching so I think they are pretty fun to choose. These pads have 1cm urethane foam inside, so these will become a really nice cushion when carrying heavy stuff.


A few days ago, I met my old friend. I’m not talking about a human, I am talking about a bag.

One of our customers brought The Messenger Bags they bought from us years ago and here’s what it looks like.

Old worn out bags always make me happy, especially when its the bag I designed here at Blue Lug!

I would like to wrap up this post with some photos I took while I was on my little trip to the Shikoku area.

See y’all!