It’s Santa from Kamiuma store, happy belated new year!

Let me write BOMBORA ENVE bike check this time. Actually this carbon fork version of the BOMBORA is now updated with their original carbon fork called “Celos”. But since this is my favorite frame I used to ride too, let me write about BOMBORA ENVEs I built in 2023.


*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE(L)I built this one for a person from abroad staying in Japan.

I really could tell a good vibe from the owner told me that “I want a bike I can cycle back home from Kamiuma to Utsunomiya!” (approx 140km). Apparently, he is planning to cycle a lot more places in Japan too.

He decided on getting the BOMBORA ENVE because he fell in love with the frame color, matched paint Adventure fork and the road/gravel compatible ability of the frame.*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE(L)

SWIFT INDUSTRIE’s bags are installed on the new bike day to cycle home.  The owner has got road touring experiences so his packing was so smooth by the way.*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE(L)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE(L) The wheels are 700c while BOMBORA is made for 650b. Personally, I recommend 650b for those ride on trail and unpaved roads in terms of size of tyres and 700c for paved and long distance rides.

The owner chose *TERAVAIL* rampart tire 42c which is not too thick and does run well. I like them because even though they are slick I can feel they grip the ground. *CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE(L)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE(L)The owner specifically chose SHIMANO GRX to make it possible going any terrain the owner wants with the bike.*CRUST BIKES* bombora ENVE(L) I like BOMBORA after all….
I’m glad to hear that the owner rides the bike a lot of amazing places in Japan such as Shimanami-kaido. Even though we live far away, we are always looking forward you to coming here again for a maintenance!

Okay, let’s go to next one!




 *CRUST BIKES* bombora enve (S)The keywords from the owner were “Gravel, touring and bike packing”.*CRUST BIKES* bombora enve (S) Let’s choose some nice parts for owner’s future long time buddy.*CRUST BIKES* bombora enve (S) PHILWOOD for the headset. If you want a good durability, PHILWOOD is the choice. We always introduce their products saying “You don’t even need regular maintenance almost at all”.

That said, since bearing are consumable you could check how the bearings are every once in a while if you ride in extreme situations.*CRUST BIKES* bombora enve (S)*CRUST BIKES* bombora enve (S)*CRUST BIKES* bombora enve (S) The same drive train as the previous bike but this silver one is GRX Limited edition. (The limited edition is only available at our physical shops)*CRUST BIKES* bombora enve (S)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora enve (S) The wheels were supposed to lace with SHIMANO 105 hub but the owner found out the Chris King hubs. It came out with the high grade wheels in the end.

The Chris King hubs can give you great smoothness as well as the famous “Angry Bee” sound.*CRUST BIKES* bombora enve (S)Crank Brothers Stamp 7 LTD for pedals. They are Crank Bro’s high end model in polish, the limited color. The good looking pedals features the wideness and adjustable pins.  *CRUST BIKES* bombora enve (S)700c wheels for this one as well. Official maximum tyre clearance of BOMBORA ENVE is 27.5×2.3 / 700×48c but these super knobby Gravel King 50c could fit fine. It rides soft but BOMBORA still runs very well. *CRUST BIKES* bombora enve (S)After all, I love BOMBORA…*CRUST* bombora frame (S) Both the one features new color and the one comes with new Celos fork are very tempting as well…

If you are planning to come to our shops, please come to Kamiuma store to ride a demo of steel forked BOMBORA!


Ok, that’s a wrap for today!