“New Year” is the most important tradition for Japanese People.

Usually family and relatives get together for celebrate new year and have traditional new year dishes. That dishes called “OSECHI”

Hi there,

I born and raised in Tokyo. So I usually spend new year in Tokyo with family and relatives.

As you know, TOKYO is one of the busiest city in the world, but New Year is different, people live in Tokyo go back their home town, and Tokyo is less people than usual at new year.

I took advantage of that I went to ride with my man to one of the iconic temple in east Tokyo “SENSOUJI”

This is my man, “MEI” from Dear All (coffee shop in SASAZUKA, 5min from BLUELUG HATAGAYA)

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[お知らせ] 今週もスタート、オープンしてから沢山のお客様に支えられて3年半、本当にお客様が増えました。 スムーズなお店の営業をキープする為、なるべくお待たせを増やさない為、今までフィルターコーヒーはハンドドリップのみでしたが、私達も初めてバッチブリューコーヒーも本日のコーヒーという形で来月からお出しすることにしました。もちろん少しお安く、クオリティーはしっかり、の最高な状態でお出ししますのでご安心を。 しかし、寒いですねえ…それでは今週もよろしくお願い致します。 Thank you everyone for visiting us every day. We opened since 2016. Now we are still getting many customers and so busy. Thank you so much everyone, really appreciate it. But, sometimes you are waiting, we are really apologize about that. Then we decide to start batch brew coffee as today’s coffee from next month. Of course we are keeping to do pour over coffee as well. You can get good quality coffee really quick, and of course quality is keeping. Have a good coffee everyone☕️❄️????????✌???? #dearall

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I built his single speed commuter. I appreciated that he really enjoy his bike, and riding around city with that bike.

This time, we started from Tokyo Metropolitan Government building (located in Shinjuku)

And we had coffee break at FUGLEN ASAKUSA on the way to the goal.

When we get there, SENSOUJI was full of people… We escape from busy crowd, and had SOBA for lunch.

On the way to returning back, we pass TOKYO station at beautiful dusk and Imperial Palace. Crisp air, less traffic and beautiful dusk. It was memorable.

Then, we took another coffee break here

I think bike around city is the best tool for scale/feel size of the city. If you have chance to spend time in Tokyo, I strongly recommend bike around Tokyo. I suggest to be the traveler! Not tourist.