It’s almost end of the year so let’s throw back 2023. There is a bike part I used quite often actually.

The part is this crank called “IGNITE COMPONENTS”.*CRUST BIKES* scapegoat(S) People who are crazy about  the American middle-school MTBs must be excited about its look with the distinctive cuts.

The tough made crank can suit to 30mm inner diameter modern BBs. We stocked their cranks just because I really wanted them since I saw them on CRUST’s web store actually.

I groaned when I opened the box because nothing is written here, at all! Though I love how garage makers pack their stuff as well as sniffing the unique smell of American cardboard boxes. Anyway, let’s open it!

There is at least one sticker inside the box, maybe even two. You are lucky if you got two of them.Another thing reminds me of America is this ULINE bag. I guess this is “the paper bag” in America. If you squish it you can use it masking things to pack. Ok, now let’s look inside the three paper bags.There is the 30mm diameter shaft inside as I mentioned before. I don’t feel it neither heavy or fragile since it’s made of alminium. Let me hurry, I can’t wait to see the other things!


I can’t help saying “Ohhh….”, well it really depends if you think it’s cool but I do obviously. How impressive this thing is made by someone came up with their own idea.MADE BIKE SHOW 2023(He is Ian Colquhoun from IGNITE COMPONENTS)

Although I haven’t finished watching it, there must be a lot of important things to know IGNITE better in this video.

The picture shown below is their MTB crank “Catalyst”.Just a glance is needed to tell from its cuts that there are lots of efforts to make the crank light yet sturdy as I always feel unique charm from the objects made by someone worked hard to make it. I assume that Ian respects the classic handmade parts based on the fact he left some marks of CNC machining on purpose.Another reason why I wanted to try using their cranks was the Q-factor. It’s basically distance between pedals on the left and right in case you don’t know the term. Here I’m talking about their road crank “INFERNO”.*SURLY* midnight special (50) I used to use CANE CREEK’s eeWING crank features good looking and high sturdiness. Although there was one thing I wasn’t sure about the crank and it was its Q-factor because I wanted to pedal more right under like road bikes.

Ultimately I decided to get the IGNITE’s cranks since theirs are made narrower than the major brand’s ones.

(Look at this very high-resolute photo haha )

It’s simply a wonder why the crank is surprisingly light to spin as I had never felt like this before. It must be heavier than eeWING but I didn’t feel the centrifugal force, maybe because the edges on the pedal sides are cut and light?

It will be too maniac (in a good way) if they make the products with calculating weight balance as well. After all it’s pricy as a crank but only these garage makers can make metal products with human touch and they attract us so much, don’t they?




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 Apparently, the flashy and eccentric anodizing is done by from Colorado. This is how the gradation is done! MADE BIKE SHOW 2023


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 There was a single-speed MTB with a lot of IGNITE parts on at the handmade bike event “MADE” some our staff went this summer.

MADE BIKE SHOW 2023 (I mean isn’t there something outrageous item in the photo…? Is that a saddle?)


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(They have made BB recently)

IGNITE COMPONENTS is one of the brands you must not miss checking out. *CRUST BIKES* florida man canti (M) The next brand is from the UK. I guess those of you who fell in love with MTBs in the 90’s must be in awe.*SINGULAR CYCLES* peregrine frame set (S)



30-some years ago, they started as a brand make precision parts for aerospace development and formula cars in South England. I still remember that I was surprised when I knew that they are UK brand since I had no doubts that they are American.

VIA mtbR

There are must be a lot of you used their colorful chain rings if you were in the 90-00’s MTB culture.

Actually they are still making their products in the UK in 2023. This time we stocked the road model called “RO-2”, suits 24mm diameter BBs.

*CRUST BIKES* florida man canti (M)

The feature must be this slim body. It’s rather fresh to see this kind of look nowadays. I felt it quite heavy but it must be nonsense to lighten it to make this slim body sturdy enough.*CRUST BIKES* florida man canti (M)

Although you can feel that it’s made from one single alminium with ultimate cutting instead.*RIVENDELL* platypus (50) Some of our customers already have bought them and the one I was particularly impressed is this. *RIVENDELL* platypus (50)

*RIVENDELL* platypus (50)

I couldn’t see that coming… it looks really cool on a Rivendell. I assume that’s because they polish by hand one by one.

Another thing makes us happy is that they make a model for square-tapered BBs. This one is for those of you want your bike slimmer and more classic.*KELLY* super deluxe 27.5 Even look better if you rebuild an old bike. They make MTB models but please wait for the next time. *CRUST BIKES* evasion (M)

*SURLY* big dummy (S) Maybe there are some people who had never seen the brands I wrote about before. I actually happened to see them on my time line coincidentally or I just happened to find out that they are still making stuff. Basically I was not exactly looking for them.

There must be a lot more brands making great products so we may have more brands to introduce in the future? I had been passionate about digging the good-olds but now I’m into researching the new.

Okay, that’s a wrap for today.