I commute with Chuyan’s ANT recently.

At the first, the saddle and my butt had been terribly incompatible because of its upright position.

Cambium c17 was originally installed. When I put on my weight on it, it felt like my tailbone was getting crushed.  That was the most painful thing I’ve ever had.

I thought I would change the saddle, but I hadn’t been feeling like it.

when you are uncomfortable with your saddle, there are some solutions. For example, changing the angle and height, moving back and forth etc.

Then, I found the guideline on a package of Brooks saddle.

It means a riding position, more simply the angle of your back.

I tried some different angles on the same bike.




I usually ride track bikes, so  I am apt to ride as forward bending posture.

Brooks recommends to ride 60 degree angle on this saddle.
Actually, I don’t wanna take care about the angle, I tried to correct the belief.
I imagined riding this bike like sitting in a chair.

That worked well! I feel no pain and I even feel comfortable now.

I was very surprised because I don’t change anything but I just change the riding position.
Brooks offers four different width, C13, C15, C17 and C19 which means bigger number is wider and addition to them caved ones, so that you could find the best one.

I surmise that the width of saddles is related to comfort.

c17 is 167mm width.

Bikes that is put on your weight on saddles is better to install wider saddles because your weight is distributed.

So, I measured saddles that we sell.

1→*BROOKS* b17 flyer
2→*SELLE ANATOMICA* X2 leather saddle
3→*GILLES BERTHOUD* aravis open leather saddle
4→*CINELLI* unicanitor saddle Barry McGee
5→*WTB* pure-V race saddle BL special
6→*SELLE ITALIA* flite 1990 saddle

The choice of your saddle would give you much more comfy.

Why don’t you think about the saddle which you need your style?


This is the saddle that we have in Hatagaya store.

It is used as standard for Keirin cyclists.

The width of that is only 120mm!! Because of its hard pad and narrow shape, it’s called the world’s most relentless saddle.