Another day at the office.

I always make sure of one thing whenever I install a kickstand.

“What can I do to not scratch the frame”.

As you can see in the picture, there are these dots on the plate of the kickstand, in order to not make them slip.

I always didn’t like installing these kickstands on bikes that doesn’t have a kickstand mount, so I was always searching for a solution…

I’m going to share my best solution.

Y’all still got a strip of leather bar tape laying around your home right? That is what you need.

 Apply some super glue on the plate.

Make sure you use the ones that dries up quick and the ones that sticks well on leather and aluminum.

Now you got your self a kickstand with leather grips.

Apply the leather on both of the plates and cut off the extra parts of the leather.

Now, install the leather as usuall. Be sure to not let the leather piece move.

It’s even better to apply thread-locking fluid.

I hope this helps someone out there.