I had been looking for new wallet because the one I used to use since when I was a student got too old.

At the best timing, our mame wallet got restocked with some new colors so I got one for myself.


2 small compartments inside should have enough room for a few notes and cards since cash-less payment is common nowadays.Well, I put all the cards, notes and coins because I don’t want to reduce the contents even though the wallet got smaller haha. There are medicines together with coins, it really shows my personality. (I took some cards out to take the photo, it’s actually more packed)Actually it’s too packed to take coins out quickly and notes should be folded in three but any wallet will be fine after you get used to.

Its texture is kinda hard at first but as you use, it will get softer.

Can you tell that mine has got smaller while I have been keeping it in my pants pocket? It got even more “mame” (means “bean” in Japanese).  I like the compactness of it.

Mame wallet will be a good choice not only for daily use but also camping. The dyneema fabric should be tougher than how it looks.

Please grab one for yourself!