One of our customers came through the store in the new year with his Cinelli x Mash bike, a legendary bike that is.

In cold days like this, it sucks to be taking a lot time to lock up your bike. And those keys always seem to escape from us every darn time!

People already have been doing this but it’s always convenient to have a stem bag for storing u-locks. You can take them out quickly and put them back quickly.

We carry lot of models when it comes to stem bags. We recently received a huge box from Swift Industries and I wondered if the Side Kick Pouch would work for a u-lock holster. I even got more curious to compare the height of the stem bags.

Here is my little experiment.

Let’s first start with our original *BLUE LUG* hello u-lock.

The first picture is the Side Kick Pouch and the second pic is the stem bag from Fairweather.

Yup, the Side Kick Pouch does work. The width between the two are not so different. However, the Fairweather stem bag is just a tiny bit taller.


Hmm, I wonder if the Side Kick Pouch can holster my *KRYPTONITE kryptolok mini-7…?

I honestly thought it wouldn’t work but would you look at this! The width of the lock was not so different to the Hello u-lock so it worked.

But, the top is peaking out too much. It might fly out when I’m going up or down a curb.


Alright then…


Let’s try this.

The Stem Pouch from Blue Lug Tandem.

*BLUE LUG* stem pouch

It works! And it fits perfectly! You could pull the draw strings so there’s no worries about the lock flying out.

Choose your stem bags wisely guys!