The rainy season in Japan was over really quickly.

At this review, let me show you some useful goods for maintenance a chain after raining.

I once again realized how important chain maintenance during the rainy season. Let’s do that with me!

These are the “Missing Link”.

If you used it to your chain, maintenance would be efficiently much more.

This small tiny part make you take a chain off very easily.

I maintenance my bike chain since I rode in a heavy rain.

I use a missing link certainly.

To take it off, I would recommend *PARK TOOL* master link pliers.

Catch a missing link with pliers.

That’s it.  The missing link is divided. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Then, chain cleaner time.

My chain regain this bright shine!

There’s a note when you connect missing link.

It has the right and wrong side. You need connect it upside down under the chain stay. When the missing link comes above the chain stay, you can read engraved characters. It’s correct.

Plus, the missing link cannot be used great. It has numbers of limited of time. Please see the instruction.

At the end, done with oiling the chain!