When I went on a campout with my Joe, I remember myself trying so hard to find a good side rack. Long story short, I wasn’t able to find a perfect one so I went with the Tubus Tara Front Rack, even though it was a bit sketchy to put on my bike.

That was quite some time ago. Now that the S-Rack was created, I had to get them.

They fit perfectly on my bike. Ohhh boy it looks good.

The place where you adjust the struts are made so well, I probably had the biggest smile on my face when I was installing them.

I’m pretty confident to say that these will fit any bikes. Not 100% sure though.

Digi, you are a frickin genius for inventing these racks.

I feel great and now and now I can live that perfect pannier life. Thank you Digi.

It’s made by Nitto and it looks so good on Riv bikes. There is nothing I have to say about them.